There is a new ultrawide lens available from Irix, the 11mm f/4. The lens is extremly well bulit. Focusing is manual, but very easy. Just choose an aperture on the camera, adjust the focus ring to the scale to get correct depth of field and that’s it. Here are some sample shots. This pictures are taken with the firefly version of that lens on the Nikon D810.

I recently bought a used Tokina AF 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 AT-X Pro lens in an excellent condition for my D700. This lens has a reputation to be a bargain because it is well built (solid metal) and people say, it has a quite good optical quality.  There are some rumors and myths about the Angenieux design of that lens. It is said that the lens is a little soft wide open, but I did not find satisfying sample images to tell me  wheather it is worth buying or not. So I added some for those people who may have the same concerns.

Sample shots have been taken free-handed. I added the exif data under each photo, just klick on any image and compare by yourself. I intended to compare same motives with different aperture settings (f2.6/2,6 – f4 – f5.6 – f8).