Cameras and Lenses

The Irix 11mm Ultra Wide lens on the Nikon D810

There is a new ultrawide lens available from Irix, the 11mm f/4. The lens is extremly well bulit. Focusing is manual, but very easy. Just choose an aperture on the camera, adjust the focus ring to the scale to get correct depth of field and that’s it. Here are some sample shots. This pictures are taken with the firefly version of that lens on the Nikon D810.

Cameras and Lenses

The Nikon D800

I recently got my hands on a NIkon D800 and I’m busy exploring the changes compared to my old D700. As a first impression, I did shoot a cormorant sitting on a branch at a lake in the Blockland next to Bremen. The lens was the Sigma 150500mm F5,0-6,3 DG OS HSM, which I reallly love during my  Safari tript to South Africa. Maybe not a prime, but it does perform quite wenn and 500mm focal length are hard to get for that amout of money. Pictures are not perfect due to windy conditions. They are a little shaky.

cormorant in Blockland. Processed from raw with Lightroom 4. Link to original file

This is the 100% crop from the picture above:

 cormorant - 100% crop
cormorant – 100% crop from picture above. Link to original file

This is the jpeg file straight from the camera. Lens correction on, vivid (shorpness +7, saturation +2):

 cormorant - origninal jpeg from camera, size L
cormorant – origninal jpeg from camera, size L. Link to original file

First impression:

The D800 performs quite nice, although it’s high-iso performance looks not as good as the D700’s out of the box. Many people say, if you downsize  the images to 12MP, ist does perform very well – I will try in future although I do not see much sense in that action. Anyway, the potential of 36 MP ist stunning.