After two weeks in South Africa with Scuba Diving and Game Driving we’re back home. Currently we’re trying to  acclimatize: from 38°C in Kwa-Zulu Natal to -5°C in Bremen. Here is what our garden looked like when we arrived.

There are many warm thought and impressions from the past two weeks. I did two galleries from our Game Viewing:


I still have a lot of Gopro stuff to review from our scuba diving, coming soon….

At this time of the years, the bumblebees are busy collecting pollen from our common hollyhock. They will come back frequently to the same flowers so I managed to get some shots with my camera.

During mobilisation for MSM36 in Malaga we saw what can happen if a quite big container ship, the Svendborg Maersk, encounters bad weather:

SA4x4 2013 showcase

Just a few impressions from our 2013 visit to South Africa. Thank’s again Carel for supplying us with a great Land Rover. We really liked the Puma.