A flock of dolphins, who visited us on RV Sonne near Rio del la Plata delta, Uruguay.

On our recent trip to Iceland, we went there in October to get the opportunity to watch the aurora borealis. We’ve been there for one week and most of the time, either the sky was cloudy or the kp index was too low. In the end, we were lucky and hat some partially clear skies close to Snæfellsjökull in Arnarstapi early in the morning around 2pm. The most interesting think for me was that the aurora borealis did not look that greenish than it does on the photos. We had a kp index between 4 -5 and half moon. So it did look more greyish when we watched it. For me, these camera settings worked well on the Nikon D810: Exposure: 25 sek, f=2.8, ISO 400. Focus set to infinity, all manual on the 14-24.

After a short trip to Iceland I thought summer would be gone for the rest of the year. With quite moderate and comfy temperatures we could enjoy dozen of butterflies in our garden, feeding on the last few plants that offer them some nectar. Beautiful to watch….

There is a new ultrawide lens available from Irix, the 11mm f/4. The lens is extremly well bulit. Focusing is manual, but very easy. Just choose an aperture on the camera, adjust the focus ring to the scale to get correct depth of field and that’s it. Here are some sample shots. This pictures are taken with the firefly version of that lens on the Nikon D810.