Thank you for visiting my private blog.

With this site, I started an attempt to host some content (mainly photos) without publishing them through the usual social media channels.


The answer is simple:

I honestly do not know what will happen with my published contents (pictures, text) in a few years when I transfer them to servers in a foreign country. All pictures on this website are shot by myself or my wife unless stated otherwise. We do this, because we want to share them with our friends, but we do this on our terms.

I do not dislike social media and networks. I just do not believe that anything they do is in my best interest, considering the fact that the owners are some of the richest people in the world.

Some people may think that one could present them in a more fancy way (because they have seen it somewhere else on the web) and they might be right. Please keep in mind that photography is a hobby to me and and prefer spending my time behind the camera and not in front of my computer.


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